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💰 Don't miss out! Check out our checkout Slab offers for unbeatable savings! 💳

Royal Canin pet food - tailored nutrition at every stage!

There’s more to dog food than what meets the eye. 

We’re often asked - is Royal Canin good dog food? Or, is Royal Canin good cat food? Well, here’s an answer that will put all your Royal Canin pet food queries to rest. 

Tailored, breed-specific, crafted formulas are what Royal Canin pet food stands for - to meet the nutritional demands of your pet whilst ensuring that pet food is more than just good taste!

Royal Canin believes that paying attention to the smallest of nutritional needs contribute immensely to making a difference in any pet’s life - both mentally and physically. That said, is Royal Canin the best food for your pet? 

Breed-specific formulas

Why breed-specific formulas, you ask? To begin with, every breed is different, which means their nutritional needs also vary. For example, Royal Canin dog food caters to health needs both now and in the future - breeds with sensitive stomachs like the German Shepherd and the Pug require diets that are highly digestible and fiber-rich. Likewise, breeds like the Golden Retriever and the Labrador require diets rich in essential vitamins and minerals so as to prevent age-related diseases such as osteoporosis as they grow older. Furthermore, breed-specific formulas cater to every pet’s jaw size and behaviour that often pose a problem when they are fed other pet food or homemade food. Royal Canin pet food uniquely shapes the size of every kibble to fit the feeding requirements of different breeds. When looking for the best pet food, it’s crucial for every nutritional demand to be met with supreme accuracy, with Royal Canin’s breed-specific formulas, you can never go wrong with feeding your pet nothing but the best! 

Affordable nutrition

As often believed, breed-specific nutrition is expensive. But, Royal Canin’s affordable nutrition makes every family choose only the best for their pet. At Petsy, we offer the best of Royal Canin at discounted prices because optimum nutrition always translates to happy, healthy pets! 

Recommended by vets

Is Royal Canin recommended by vets? Yes, it is! Royal Canin is a trusted brand recommended by most vets across the country. Besides the ingredients being of high quality, Royal Canin pet food is nutritious, complete, balanced, palatable, and wholesome. In short, it’s power-packed to make your pet healthy, inside out! 

Nutrition at every stage 

They say it’s never too early to pay attention to good health, and that couldn’t be more true than with Royal Canin. Whether it’s milk replacement formulas for puppies or delicious gravy for senior cats, Royal Canin lets you rest assured that nutrition for your pet is always of the best quality every step of the way! At Petsy, whether you shop for Royal Canin cat food or Royal Canin dog food, we ensure your experience is as seamless as possible - with a wide variety of Royal Canin pet food, you choose nutrition at every stage! 

Tailored nutrition 

Tailored nutrition translates to recipes that are formulated to deliver an optimum blend of essential nutrients that aid digestion, improve immunity, and enhance coat health - all whilst ensuring food is super tasty! 

Superior taste - What makes Royal Canin, Royal Canin? The taste - every kibble carefully infused with the highest quality ingredients makes it irresistibly tasty! Royal Canin puppy food and Royal Canin kitten food, are especially known for their rich flavour - making puppies and kitties enjoy the tastiest of mealtimes everyday! 

Unique texture - Whether your pet enjoys dry food or prefers wet food, Royal Canin has got you covered! At Petsy, you’ll find a wide range of Royal Canin formulas with unique textures that appeal to even the pickiest of eaters!

Strengthens immunity - Healthy from the outside means healthy from the inside! Royal Canin pet food is power-packed with antioxidants that strengthen your pet’s immune system. In addition to this, breed-specific formulas further cater to the health needs of every pet, thereby ensuring that your pet’s body is strong enough to fight every disease! 

Improved digestion - Royal Canin pet food is made of easily digestible proteins in addition to a perfect blend of prebiotics - both of which encourage the healthy growth of gut bacteria. Moreover, their formulation techniques ensure all nutrients are available in their most easily digestible form as per age and breed. 

Enhances coat health - While you might appreciate a good-looking pet for his/her shiny coat, it is important to ensure that the food you feed them maintains those luscious locks. Royal Canin’s tailored nutrition is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, GLA-Rich borage oil, tyrosine, and phenylalanine. While omega 3 and 6 fatty acids nourish your pet’s coat, tyrosine and phenylalanine are known to intensify coat appearance. 

World-class manufacturing facilities

A commonly asked question - is Royal Canin dog food made in China? Royal Canin is manufactured across the globe in various countries such as South Africa, Korea, France, Austria, and so on. Manufacturing depends on where Mars Petcare has its top manufacturing facilities. That said, we’re often asked, why is there a shortage of Royal Canin pet food? Like with most imported food brands, where demand outstrips supply, there ends up becoming a shortage of that supply. In the case of Royal Canin, high demand and at times manufacturing constraints may result in shortages, however, these are often short-lived and resolved at the earliest ensuring a steady supply of nutritious food for your dog. 

Quality production

Can Royal Canin make dogs sick? In short, no. Royal Canin uses high-quality ingredients carefully tailoring every kibble to meet the nutritional demands of every pet. 

Like how every pet is unique, their nutritional needs are unquestionably different from one another. And, as pet parents, we ought to give our furry friends only the best nutrition! That said, when you choose Royal Canin, you choose nothing but the best for your pet’s health. 

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