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🛍️ Get an Extra 20% Off on Non-Food Items with Code [BIG20] 🛒
🛍️ Get an Extra 20% Off on Non-Food Items with Code [BIG20] 🛒

Why Sheba?

Your favourite feline friend simply deserves the best!

Whoever said that luxurious meals were only for the hoomans - clearly had that wrong!

Chicken, Salmon, Whitefish. If these ingredients are making your mouth water, just imagine how your cat will react.

Imagine sitting down to the same boring meal day after day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. Doesn’t sound appealing, does it? Your cat shares your preference for variety.

It’s as easy as break, shake and serve. And with no leftovers, you’re giving your cat a fresh meal with every peel.

If your cat isn’t drinking enough water, wet food adds hydration to their diet. Wet food is especially important for cats for urinary and kidney health. SHEBA® gourmet recipes give your cat extra hydration — in addition to the delectable flavors and textures they know and love.

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