Doggie Dabbas Cheese Jerky

Doggie Dabbas Cheese Jerky

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A one of a kind product made with only Cottage Cheese. These firm sticks are great to maintain good dental health. Cottage Cheese is high in calcium and a good vegetarian protein source.

Country Of Origin India
Product type Dog Treats

Suitable Breeds: All Breeds, Mini/Small, Medium, Large/Maxi, Giant

Sizing: 100g


  • Doggie Dabbas Cheese Jerky is one of a kind product made with only Cottage Cheese.
  • Cottage Cheese is high in calcium and good vegetarian protein source and adds a little flavor and texture to this delicious treat!
  • Made without wheat, gluten, soy or preservatives making them especially great for dogs with certain sensitivities.
  • Suitable for little puppies and big dogs as an anytime snack.
  • Good for dental health.
  • Good source of Calcium.

Petsy Tips:

In between meals is the ideal time to give treats. Make sure your treat giving occurs in between meals and not immediately before or after a meal.

The amount of treats appropriate for your dog depends on the type of treat and your dog’s age, health status, activity level, and size. A general guideline is that treats should make up less than 10 percent of your dog's daily food intake.

A recommended guide by Doggie Dabbas is provided below:

Size of Dog Number of sticks
Small Dogs 1 – 2 sticks per day
Medium Dogs 2 – 4 sticks per day
Large Dogs 5 – 7 sticks per day

This product is made in 

  • India

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