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Save Rs. 100 on Purchase of 1000/- Use Code: SAVE100 Save Rs. 200 on Purchase of 1800/- Use Code: SAVE200 Save Rs. 300 on Purchase of 2500/- Use Code: SAVE300

Nature Forever Wall Mounted Garden Bird & Squirrel Feeder

Original price ₹ 500 - Original price ₹ 500
Original price
₹ 500

(inclusive of all taxes)

₹ 500 - ₹ 500
Current price ₹ 500


A Garden Feeder acts as a continuous source of food It provides clean and hygienic food for birds and small wildlife It helps you attract a variety of species helps you connect with nature on a daily basis by adopting a feeders, you are playing a role in functional conservation.

Feeding the birds isn’t just good for birds though, it’s great for us too. It’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to attract birds into homes & gardens, and is a fantastic way to encourage children to engage with nature.


  • Proudly Made in India with 100% Recycled Wood
  • Can be Mounted on Mount near windows, balcony, wall or tree
  • With clear window so you can view the squirrels while they eat.
  • It's roof opens up, making it easy to refill food and clean it.
  • Installation is as easy as putting a photo frame. You can put it on walls in your homes or offices.
  • Feed garden birds some tasty treats with this simple, but attractive feeder. Hang them outdoors and watch all the birds fly in for a snack. You can attract range birds like sparrows, silver bills, munias, babblers & parakeets.
  • Do not feed bird with salty and oily food.
  • Disclaimer: The squirrels might take few days to few months to visit the feeder as it's a natural process and depends upon the squirrels in your locality. The squirrel feeder is not a magnet which will attract squirrel from far and wide hence one need to have patience.

Size: L x W x H - 31 x 20.3 x 21cm

The best part about raising a small animal is finding and decorating his/her home. At Petsy, you can find the best small animal habitat, along with small animal accessories such as feeders, toys, and hideouts. Add your own creative touch to your critter’s hideout with our extensive range of small animal cage accessories such as small animal feeding bowls, small animal feeding bottles, and small animal toys. There’s something for every critter’s habitat here at Petsy!

Delivery Information

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All Petsy orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. 

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  • 2-7 working days delivery for orders from other towns/cities in India. 

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Additional Information

  • Product Name: Nature Forever Wall Mounted Garden Bird & Squirrel Feeder
  • Product Type: Small Animal Habitat and Accessories
  • Net Quantity: 1U
  • Brand: Nature Forever
  • MRP: ₹ 500 (All tax incl.)
  • Sold By: Petsy Stores Private Limited (Petsy, 3 Gujarat Industrial Estate, 66 Vishweshwar Nagar Rd, Churi Wadi, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400062). For customer support, please call us at +91 91722 84372 | WhatsApp us at +91 75068 39062 | Email us at
  • Country Of Origin: India

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