Orijen Puppy (Small & Medium Breeds)
Orijen Puppy (Small & Medium Breeds)
Orijen Puppy (Small & Medium Breeds)

Orijen Puppy (Small & Medium Breeds)

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Orijen Puppy food is specifically made to support the growth and development of puppies. Orijen's unmatched Biologically Appropriate recipes are made to suit the evolutionary nutritional requirements of your pet by mirroring the richness, freshness and variety of meats that dogs would naturally hunt in the wild. Infusions of freeze-dried chicken and turkey liver enhance flavor naturally, making Orijen deliciously tasty for the fussiest of puppies.

Country Of Origin Canada
Product type Dog Food

Breed Type: All breeds 

Life Stage: Puppy weighing up to 30kg (current weight)


  • Rich in protein as they contain 80% meats.
  • The meats are sourced fresh - free-run chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish.
  • The meats are fresh and WholePrey i.e. they incorporate fresh meats, organ meats and cartilage in ratios that mirror nature.
  • Carbohydrate-limited food featuring lentils, chickpeas, squash, greens and fruits which release sugar slowly, dramatically reducing the potential for fat storage.
  • Contain whole fruits vegetables and botanics as they mimic the natural diet and serve as tonics and builders to help strengthen organs and tissues in specific parts of the body, and aid in digestion.

Grain-free?: Yes

Does NOT contain:

  • Plant proteins extracts or concentrates (potato or pea protein)
  • High-glycemic carbohydrates (tapioca, potato, rice)
  • Glutens

Type Of Food: Dry Kibble, Non-Vegetarian

FAQ: What is the difference between Orijen and Acana Foods?

  1. The main difference is the meat content. Orijen formulas tend to contain between 85% and 90% meat and fish ingredients while Acana formulas contain between 50% and 75% meat and fish ingredients.
  2. A higher proportion of Orijen’s meat and fish ingredients are fresh. 
  3. Orijen formulas can contain a more extensive variety of meat and fish ingredients. 
  4. Orijen is more expensive compared to Acana.  

*This is a simple comparison between the two brands. To obtain a detailed comparison, specific products should be considered.

Petsy Tip: Always make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh water. 

Price Mark: Premium

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