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Protex Pawz Color - Reusable & Disposable Dog Boots By Pawz

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₹ 1,750 (Incl. of all taxes)



  • 12 boots per package
  • When one wears out, you simply toss it
  • Natural Rubber made from a rubber tree
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Most natural feeling boot with no padding
  • Allows your dog to feel the ground, providing a sense of security
  • Traction Control, to prevent slipping on hard surface floors
  • Durable, yet fashionable

Fitting Guide

  • For the best fit, measure from the bottom of the big heel pad to the tip of the longest toe nail.
  • If the paw is in-between two sizes, select the larger size.
  • Pawz Dog Boots should fit securely around the leg and comfortable.
  • Warning: Not for prolonged use. Do not leave on while resting or inactive. Dog should be supervised while wearing boots. Refresh boots with talcum powder or corn starch.

How To Fit Guide


1. What makes PAWZ so special?

PAWZ boots are disposable, reusable, and 100% biodegradable.  The package comes with 12 boots.  When one wears out, you simply toss it.

2. Will my dog accept them?

Whether it’s because there are no zippers or straps, or because there is no padding, dogs accept wearing PAWZ dog boots even when they won’t wear other brands.  Feeling the ground through the boot is what gives your dog that needed sense of security.

3. Will PAWZ boots stay on?

PAWZ boots stay on.

4. Are PAWZ boots waterproof or water resistant?

PAWZ are waterproof.  No other boot protects against liquid chloride and other liquid hazards.

5. What does PAWZ protect against?

Ice, Lawn Chemicals, Salt, Liquid Chloride, Snow, Fire Ants, Pool Liner Tears, Mud, Clay, Pad Rashes, Post-Surgical Infection, Post-Grooming Dirt, Hot Pavement, and solves traction control problems.

Delivery Information

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All Petsy orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. 

  • 0-3 working days delivery for orders within Mumbai
  • 2-7 working days delivery for orders from other towns/cities in India. 

Delivery times may be subject to stock availability, delays caused by shipping partners which are beyond Petsy's control, and as such, delivery times may be extended. 

Petsy will provide regular updates on your delivery status.

Country Of Origin Thailand

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Protex Pawz Color - Reusable & Disposable Dog Boots ₹ 1,750