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Save Rs 100 off Rs 1000 - Use Code SAVE100 | Save Rs 200 off Rs 1800 - Use Code SAVE200 | Save Rs 300 off Rs 2500 - Use Code SAVE300*

Trixie Cat Litter Tray - Junior Kitten Litter Tray

by Trixie
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Original price MRP ₹ 450
Original price ₹ 450 - Original price ₹ 450
Original price ₹ 450
Current price ₹ 396

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₹ 396 - ₹ 396
Current price ₹ 396



  • For small cats and kittens
  • Very easy to clean and highly durable

Colour: Ships in assorted colours. Please allow Petsy to select a colour for you. 

Size: 27 × 9 × 37 cm (the specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions)

Petsy Tip: If kittens are raised in good conditions, the mother cat will teach her kittens to use a cat litter box from the age of 5-6 weeks. However, do not expect your kitten to always get there in time. Especially at the beginning, the nearest cat litter box should be quite close. For fully grown cats, the rule is: number of cats +1 = number of cat litter boxes. Place the cat litter boxes in a quiet location that is accessible at all times. Frequent cleaning is important. Velvet paws are very clean pets and have a well-developed sense of smell. They do not want to use unclean litter boxes

There’s no cat litter without a litterbox, and without a litterbox, your house turns into a giant feline toilet. Cats are often particularly concerned about the cleanliness, placement, and odor of their litter boxes. As a rule of thumb, it is best to have two litter boxes for every cat. Moreover, it is imperative to keep your cats' litter boxes in top condition any time of the day, i.e. a clean cat litter tray and frequently changed litter. A litter box that is dirty or has litter that isn't cleaned may cause a cat to the toilet outside the box. That said, the cat tray must be emptied and cleaned at least once a week. Furthermore, cat litter scoops, cat litter deodorizer, and litter box wipes are a few of the many products that can help you maintain your kitty's litter box. At Petsy, we offer a wide range of cat litter products to keep your cat's litter box squeaky clean!

Delivery Information

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All Petsy orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. 

  • 0-3 working days delivery for orders within Mumbai
  • 2-7 working days delivery for orders from other towns/cities in India. 

Delivery times may be subject to stock availability, delays caused by shipping partners which are beyond Petsy's control, and as such, delivery times may be extended. 

Petsy will provide regular updates on your delivery status.

Country Of Origin China

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