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Trixie Cat Toys - Matatabi Chewing Sticks (10g) By Trixie

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Matatabi Toys are one of the most unique all natural cat toys you can get for your own cat or as a gift for another kitty. They are a wonderful alternative to catnip that combines both play and dental health. 


  • 100% natural matatabi chewing sticks
  • Chew toy with similar effects as catnip
  • Has a long-lasting, play-enticing scent
  • Supports your feline's dental hygiene

Size: 10g

FAQS on Matatabi

1. What is Matatabi?

Matatabi, more commonly known as silvervine, is a plant which produces an oil that cats are naturally attracted to. The plant is native to the mountains Japan and China and grows like an ivy on trees and rocks. It is officially named Actinidia Polygama but gets the name silvervine for the distinctive color of its leaves.

2. How does Matatabi compare to Catnip?

Studies show that while one out of every three cats had no response to catnip, nearly 80% of the cats responded to silvervine. It contains more and different compounds that cats like and respond to and perhaps explains why some cats who do not respond to catnip, do love silver vine.

3. How do Cats React to Matatabi?

The reaction to silvervine is very unique and will differ from cat to cat. Their reactions vary from rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, pouncing, drooling and licking.

4. How long does the effect of Matatabi last?

Effects of silvervine usually last anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Kittens (under 8 months old) may not have a reaction to silvervine. 

5. How does Matatabi work?

It stimulates the cats olfactory system (i.e. the smell receptors) and this releases endorphins and encourages the cat to interact with the stimulating substance.

6. Is Matatabi safe?

Catnip and silvervine are both plants that are safe for cats and humans. Exposure to either of these plants can make your cat quite happy and excited.

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Country Of Origin China

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