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6 Things Only People With Cats at Home Understand - Petsy

6 Things Only People With Cats at Home Understand

Kitties being a perfect balance of cute and grumpy are the boss of their family. Only people with cats at home know what it's like to have a kitty in the family and the prerequisites they signed up for. Some of them are:

1. You are never not covered in cat hair

While you may have multiple accessories for yourself, cat hair complements your outfits the best and at all times. You and your surroundings including the fancy furniture can never not be covered in them.

2. There is no such thing as personal space

When you have a pet, there is no such thing as personal space. If your kitty wants to sit, sleep or laze around somewhere, they will do so irrespective of your approval. You have to be nonchalant with the sight of having their butt close to your face at all times!

3. They love cardboard boxes more than expensive beds

However expensive, comfortably and cosy beds you may buy for them, none of them feel as good as a cardboard box. For that matter, even the most expensive and attractive toys don't appeal to them as much as a paper bag or a cardboard box does.

4. You can't understand if they want to cuddle with you or bite you

Whenever they are headed towards you, by the look of it you can never be sure if they are coming to cuddle or hustle. They may look sharp but end up cosying with you or the other way round, you never know.

5. You have stopped keeping items on any open surfaces

To avoid the risk of destruction, you refrain from keeping any item lying around the house. You are more conscious about your cell phone and other devices unless you want to invest in replacing or upgrading them! 

6. You have accepted that your cat is THE BOSS!

No matter how tough or tender you are as a person, you bow down when it comes to taking care of your kitty and he/she will have it no other way. They are THE BOSS at home and you have accepted it.

You’re experiencing the joy of pet parenting with the most adorable, occasionally grumpy and absolutely loving furry baby. These prerequisites are what make you feel like home and embrace your journey as a pet parent even more..

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