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An Exciting Array Of Dog Treats!

Scrumptiously mouth-watering yummies in their tummies - that's what treats are, right? A staple in any doggo household, treats do far more than a mere snack. Whether used as a part of training routines or as boredom busters in KONGS, prey-driven (dogs that are motivated by food) thrive on positive reinforcers like treats. Besides, there's a treat for every dog - long-lasting chewies for those large breed dogs like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, tempting peanut butter cookies for medium breeds like Indies and Dalmatians, and delicious freeze-dried treats for small breeds like Shih Tzus and Lhasas. No matter your dog's breed, there's a treat that matches their every pawfect personality trait! Shy dogs such as the Rajapalayam, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, and certain Indies can feel far less anxious when guests are around with long-lasting chewies and jerkies. Likewise, dogs that enjoy exercising and training benefit from crunchy biscuits and tasty nuggets. Have a Boxer or an Indie who enjoys lazying around and treating themselves to snacks every now and then? Grab our single ingredient, freeze-dried coconut, banana, apple and beetroot treats! When you buy dog treats at Petsy, you choose from a range of top-rated brands like Twistix, Dogsee, Chip Chops, and Wagg, and hence, treat your pooch to only what's best!

Dental Treats To Care For Your Dog's Teeth

At Petsy, you buy dog treats online that not only serve as a tasty snack but also help with oral hygiene. From Dental Flossbone to Twistix Mint Sticks, doggie dental treats help to freshen your pup's breath and keep tartar and plaque at bay. Head over to Petsy Online and choose your dog's favorites from a comprehensive mix of dog treats online in India.

Rewarding Playtime With Dog Treats

Playtime just got even more exciting! When you buy dog treats online and stuff them into treat dispensing dog toys, your dog benefits from not just physical exercise but mental stimulation as well! At Petsy, we have a range of exciting interactive puzzle toys from KONG and Barkbutler that are sure to tickle those brain cells! When you choose to allow your dog to work his/her mind for the treat rather than hand it to them over the counter, you encourage their brains to think, and a brain that is allowed to think for itself is far better-behaved than one that isn't. Shop on Petsy's online pet store for the best range of dog treats in India.