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Sample - Kennel Kitchen Wet Cat Food - Fish Chunks in Gravy (80g)

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Sample - Pawsh Anti Irritant Shampoo For Cat & Dogs (50ml)

Sample - Gourmet Tender Chicken Mousse

Sample - Pawsh Brightening Coat Shampoo For Dogs (50ml)

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Cat Treats: Healthy and Tasty Treats

Who doesn’t like a yummy treat? Besides, what if we told you that treats are as important for cats as their meals? Often, we get caught up in choosing the wrong kinds of cat treats online; hence, always remember to be mindful of how much you’re feeding them, when you’re feeding them, and how often you’re feeding them. If you have all three in the right place, cat treats online aren’t necessarily something to be frowned upon. Cat treats online come in different flavours and textures - jerkies, freeze-dried, creamy, dental, chewy, baked etc.; and if you’re wondering how to choose the right cat treat - just ask your cat! By allowing them to sample from a variety of cat treats online in India at Petsy, you ensure you treat them with nothing but the best!

Dental Treats for Cats

Dental treats for cats are becoming increasingly important to prevent the buildup of tartar and subsequently minimise the risk of gingivitis. Dental treats for cats help to scrape off tartar, prevent tooth decay, control gum disease, and minimise foul breath. Moreover, chewing on these treats helps to alleviate boredom and keeps a cat busy for quite some time! Choose from a wide variety of cat treats online in India on Petsy’s online pet store.

Cat Treats: Experience Enhanced Skin and Fur

Want your cat’s coat to look oh-so shiny? Try soft yet crunchy cat treats that contain fish oil and/or ground flaxseed. Both of which promote healthy skin and coat. These delicious and dual-textured irresistible cat treats are sure to keep your kitty coming back for more!