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Cat Treats: Healthy & Tasty And Soft & Crunchy Cat Treats

Treats are as important as food for cats. Although, the thumb rule is to be mindful of their health and dietary needs while choosing cat treats. As tasty as they may all seem, every cat likes different textures and flavors. Jerky, baked, freeze-dried, creamy, and dental treats to name a few among the wide variety of available cat treats online in India.

Dental treats for cats

You have carefully chosen nutritious food for your cat, so when it comes to treats, it’s necessary to be equally mindful. While you’re keeping a check on your little one’s overall health, don’t forget about their dental health. What you can do to keep tooth decay and gum disease under control is, use dental cat treats. Chewing on treats that have a crunchy texture can help remove tartar, reduce the bacteria that can cause dental issues, and even leave your cat's breath smelling fresh. Choose from a wide variety of cat treats in India on Petsy’s online pet store. 

Enhanced kitty skin and fur

While there are various products to benefit your kitty’s health, there are a few soft yet crunchy treats that contain fish oil and ground flaxseed to encourage healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Delicious and dual-textured irresistible cat treats are sure to keep your kitty coming back for more!