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Sample - Bark Out Loud Hemp Chew Sticks for Cats & Dogs

Sample - Whiskas Adult Salmon in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

Sample - Whiskas Adult Tuna in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

Sample - Dentstix for Small Breeds (x3 sticks)

Sample - Temptations Cat Treats Tuna (12g)

Sample - Whiskas Ocean Fish (Junior) 50g

Sample - Whiskas Ocean Fish (Adult) 50g

Sample - Pedigree Puppy Small Dog - Lamb & Milk (90g)

Sample - Temptations Cat Treats Chicken (12g)

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Toys for Small Animals

Even though the area for small animals is restricted, it’s necessary for them to have enough space to move around and indulge in physical activities. To cater to this requirement, small animal toys are useful for pets like rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Exercise ball for hamsters toys is one of the best choices to provide a safe and fun way for your hamster to keep themselves entertained. In addition, there are a few feeding small pet toys that make eating fun and challenging for bunnies. These toys enhance mental stimulation for tiny furry babies. The kong toy is a classic for pets of all sizes and is a great choice for small animals too. You can choose from a variety of fun and entertaining toys for your pet on Petsy’s online store.