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Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is a classic choice for pet parents who spend most of the day away from home and leave out your kitty’s bowl for them to nibble on it as and when they feel like. It’s the most economical and convenient way to feed your furry baby. Before zeroing in on a particular food type, consider your cat’s age and nutritional requirements in order to keep their weight in check. Though cat food dry might not be as appealing for your little one, adding some water to it makes it appetizing, increases the moisture content and makes digestion easier.

Find the Right Dry Cat Food

Finding the right type of cat food for your feline friend is of utmost importance. While selecting dry cat food is a simple option, the best place is to start with age. Petsy carries a range of the best dry cat food varieties that are formulated, for specific life stages such as dry kitten food and adult dry cat food. You can also find cat dry food that is suited for all lifestages. A second factor to consider when selecting cat food, is the activity level such as Indoor cat food which is suited for cats who primarily spend their time indoors. There are specific foods for sterilised cats and grain-free cat food for cats with allergies. Another factor to decide when considering the type of food, is the protein flavour that appeals to your cat’s palate - chicken, lamb, ocean fish, mackerel, tuna and much more. Shop on Petsy’s online pet store to get the best range of cat food for your feline friend.