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Cat Food

As cat parents, we want nothing more than for our furry four-legged friends to enjoy uniquely crafted cat food. Whether it's for a meal or just a little treat, nutrition and, more importantly, flavor in cat food is paramount. Here at Petsy, we offer a wide array of online cat food brands of both high quality and top nutrition necessary to ensure your kitty gets a wholesome, nutritious, and balanced meal!
Pick from a range of tantalizing wet cat food textures such as jelly, loaf, and gravy, or simply try our mouth-watering variety of dry cat food like salmon, lamb, ocean fish, mackerel, and more. When feeding, you can alternate between wet cat food and dry cat food in accordance with your cat's health and dietary requirements. In addition to this, we have cat food brands that are tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of certain health complications of the urinary tract and digestive system. Breed-specific cat food such as Persian cat food and sterilized cat food is also available at Petsy's online cat food website. So, it's time for you to shop at Petsy's online pet store and choose from a wide range of supreme quality cat food products from Indian and imported brands like Whiskas, Sheba, Purina, Royal Canin, and much more!

Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is an excellent option for cats who prefer free feeding. Dry cat food doesn't run the risk of bacterial build-up from being left out for too long, as opposed to wet cat food. This allows for free feeding and picky eaters. Moreover, dry cat food is reasonably priced, cleans teeth, has a higher shelf life, and can be served with water to make it more palatable besides preventing dehydration. In short, dry cat food is a go-to cat food type for most cat parents! Remember, however, to choose dry cat food in accordance with your cat's age, breed, activity level, and existing health complications.

Wet Cat Food

Besides filling your home with a tantalizing aroma for your cat, wet cat food is power-packed with the nutrition required for your cat to grow well and maintain optimum health for as long as they live. Wet cat food keeps cats hydrated since they are particularly known to drink very little water and suffer from severe dehydration. Apart from this, wet food is one of the best options for picky eaters or those with digestive and/or oral problems resulting from tooth loss, gum problems, sickness, injury, or recovery. Given the wide variety and delectable wet cat food combinations available, even the pickiest of eaters will find something to like in gravy, loaves, shredded cat food, and flaked cat food. As our cat's age, they lose LBM, and feeding them a wet cat food diet helps to maintain a healthy LBM no matter their age!

Dry versus Wet Cat Food

Dry or wet - that never-ending cat food debate! The best option? A combination of both types of cat food. Although wet cat food and dry cat food differ in terms of moisture, shelf life, price, and meat content, offering them the best of both worlds ensures your cat never misses out on receiving all his/her nutrition! This purrfect combination of cat foods is a perfect choice for cat parents who can leave out dry food while working, and choose to feed wet cat food when it's hot outside or just on those days where your cat needs a bit of coaxing to eat
his meal. As busy yet devoted cat parents, buy cat food online from Petsy, your trusted pet parenting partner.