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Cat Food

Whether your feline friends sit down for a meal or enjoying the perfect treat, it is important to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need and a flavour that is super tasty with the best cat food and treats. At Petsy, you can find a variety of brands that offer high quality and nutritious food that provide a balanced meal for your little one. From a range of textures like jelly, loaf and gravy or simply dry kibble to flavours like salmon, lamb, ocean fish, mackerel and much more. There are also cat food brands that offer recipes to address health concerns like urinary tract health, digestive health, speciality food for specific breeds like persian cat food, or even specific food for sterilised cats. Shop for cat food online on Petsy’s online pet store to choose from a wide range of top quality products from brands like Whiskas, Sheba, Purina, Royal Canin and many more.

Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is great for free feeding cats as the food can be left out without the risk of bacterial infestations, it’s economically priced, helps to clean debris off the teeth, can be stored for longer and can be mixed with water to increase moisture content. Dry cat food is a simple choice for many pet owners and remember to select an option that suits your cat’s breed, age, lifestyle and any health concerns.

Wet Cat Food

Wet Cat Food not only offers your feline friend with the necessary animal protein, cats love the taste of wet cat food! Besides this benefit, it helps keep your cat well hydrated which is essential for maintaining good health. Even the picky eaters will find something they will like from a wide range of available protein sources such as chunks in gravy cat food, gravies, loaf style, shredded cat food and flaked wet cat food. 

Dry versus Wet Cat Food

While it’s every pet parents’ concern to serve their furry babies with nutritional meals which have adequate proteins and flavours, the next question that arises is whether to provide wet or dry food to their pets. While wet cat food and dry cat food differ in terms of moisture content, shelf life, pricing and meat content, offering your cat with the best of both worlds might be the purrfect choice. As busy pet parents, it’s best to buy cat food online from Petsy, your trusted pet parenting partners.