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Wet Dog Food

Age-appropriate nutrition, i.e. food fed in accordance with your dog's age, physical activity, and breed, is as important as any other aspect in your pet parenting journey. Oftentimes, while choosing this age-appropriate nutrition, pet parents find themselves caught between a tough decision of dry or wet dog food. Whilst both types of food, when fed from good quality sources, help a dog achieve optimum growth and maintenance, certain factors make pet parents choose wet dog food over dry dog food. Moisture content in wet dog food stands at 70-80%, whereas in dry dog food contains 5-10%. For dogs that don't drink sufficient water or those that exercise in the hot sun, wet dog food helps to keep them hydrated, thereby preventing dehydration and certain urinary tract complications. Wet dog food from brands like Pedigree, Royal Canin, Farmina, Fresh For Paws, and Furrmeals have this type of dog food available in stews, gravies, loaves, and patties. That said, wet dog food is most often appreciated by parents of picky pets for its palatability. They're often used as toppers on dry dog food and/or to hide pills and supplements. As tempting as wet food is for both dogs and their humans, wet dog food has a short shelf life and needs to be consumed within a certain number of days. Moreover, they cannot be left out for a long time, or they risk harbouring bacteria. The best wet dog food is available in a variety of flavours only at Petsy in India.

Wet Dog Food - A diet for every type of eater

The best wet dog food is one that satisfies every taste bud on your pup's tongue, right? Or is it the one that helps you relax knowing that your pupper will lick his bowl clean? Wet dog food at Petsy comes in a variety of flavours - chicken, lamb, quail, herring, blueberry, quinoa etc. This means that there's wet food for every dog, and a dog for every wet food! Whether your dog is missing out on a tasty topper or needs some palatable food after a surgery, the best wet dog food at Petsy's online store offers you the best of brands to choose from - whether it's Royal Canin or Kennel Kitchen, they'll always be drooling for more!