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Dry Dog Food

Adequate nutrition, i.e. one that is fed as per a dog's breed, age, weight, and health conditions, is a very important aspect of raising your dog to be a healthy and happy adult. While all dog parents look for the healthiest option that fits their budget, the dilemma of wet dog food or dry dog food often finds itself hovering over their minds. The primary difference between the two types of dog food is the moisture content - dry dog food has anywhere between 5-10% of moisture content, whereas wet dog food has around 70-80% of moisture content. Furthermore, dry dog food is convenient to use and easy to store, especially when parents are late for work or take their dogs on overnight hikes and vacations. Moreover, dry dog food has a longer shelf life than wet dog food, which translates to less frequent shopping runs - we all know what a blessing that is! Lastly, and most importantly, for vegetarian dog parents who find it hard to feed their dogs meat, kibble is the perfect way to ensure optimum nutrition without having to sacrifice necessary nutrients. Whether you are looking for the best dry dog food for large dogs or the best dry dog food for senior dogs, at Petsy, we've got you covered!

Dry Dog Food: The Details

Dry dog food is by far the most popular amongst dogs and their parents across the world. Its variety of flavours, textures, kibble sizes, convenience, long shelf life etc. has made it an all-time favourite! Unlike wet dog food, dry dog food doesn't require refrigeration and can be mixed with wet food and/or tasty toppers such as jerkies, home-cooked/packaged broths, peanut butter and so on. At Petsy, you can find a variety of dry dog food with different flavours such as lamb and blueberry, meat and rice, ocean fish and much more! In short, there’s a flavour to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. We always recommend soaking the kibble in water for 10 -15 minutes before serving as it enhances the aroma of the food, thus increasing your dog’s appetite! At Petsy, the best dog food brands are only a click away!

Specially formulated dry dog food

At Petsy, we have a range of health-specific dry dog food brands for dogs with specific health needs or certain allergies. For example, dry dog food without chicken is particularly common for dogs that are allergic to chicken, corn, wheat, and/or soy. Likewise, for dogs that are allergic to grains such as rice, quinoa, barley, ragi millet etc., grain-free options are the best choice! In addition to being spoiled for choice, dog parents enjoy the option of choosing food as per their dog's age - puppy, adult, senior. Choosing age-specific kibble diets are essential, right from puppyhood to seniorhood. Puppies require high-calorie diets that strengthen every part of their body, whereas adults require well-balanced formulas to maintain a healthy weight until and after they reach seniority. Senior dogs, on the other hand, do well from kibble suited to support the ageing joints, boost immunity, and help them age gracefully. Shop on Petsy’s online pet store for the best dry dog food from brands like Farmina N&D, Acana, Orijen, Royal Canin, Pedigree, Himalaya etc.