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Can my cat be trained? - Petsy

Can my cat be trained?


Training cats

It isn’t common knowledge that cats, just like dogs, need to be trained as well. A majority of cat owners are often unaware of the fact that their beloved kitties need to be trained or if they do know, they are severely lacking the proper knowledge of how to train them.

Training your cat has several positive aspects to it. Felines are built for activity & training them stimulates their mind and body, keeping them healthy. In addition to the basic useful behaviour, you can also teach them fun little tricks.

It is important to note, cats don’t always respond to praise & attention as dogs. For a cat to learn a new task, it needs to seem worthwhile, to them at least. With a little patience & creativity, you can train your kitten what you need it to learn.

Before you begin training your cat, you need to determine what you want to teach them. Make a list of all the important behaviours you want to teach like using the litter box, to stop scratching the furniture, to stop biting and how to stay calm while travelling. The better trained your cat is, the easier it will be for them to become more social and will improve your bond with them.

Training Methods

Positive reinforcement by way of a reward system is the best way to go about training your cat. Keeping a tasty treat as an incentive proves to be the best motivator. Make sure the treat you choose is something that is cat-friendly.  Negative reinforcement is something that doesn’t always work and should be avoided since if the training isn’t fun, your pet will most likely not be interested in learning.

Keep Training Sessions Short

A cat’s attention span is much shorter than yours and you can’t expect them to be as focused as you are. Extensive training periods won’t work well for this very reason. To keep their attention focused, training should be fun and natural instead of forced and prolonged.

Training timelines for different things vary. When it comes to potty training, most cats learn quickly from watching you use one. You’ll still need to take them back to the box a few times to remind them where it is placed. However, when you are teaching them to play with new toys or listening to a command, it may take longer and be more gradual.

Don’t go overboard

Training your pet may be all kinds of exciting but make sure to keep in mind your cats attention span, their interests, and their abilities. Start with one small lesson at a time rather than jumping in with everything at the same time.

Be Patient

Training a cat won’t happen overnight and expecting your cat to learn everything right away will only lead to frustration and a negative attitude. Go at your pet’s pace when it comes to teaching them something new. During this time, your kitten will make mistakes so make sure you are prepared for that. Never physically punish or correct them when they do something wrong. Make sure your tone doesn’t change as well since animals can sense anger. Instead of punishing them, redirect their behaviour to something more desired.

Training your cat is an important journey you will take together. Make sure the process is fun and entertaining. Remember to have a positive attitude and be patient so that the process is enjoyable for everyone!

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