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5 Easy & Quick Grooming Hacks for Your Pet - Petsy

5 Easy & Quick Grooming Hacks for Your Pet

If you have a pet at home or are thinking of introducing one into your family, you should know that regular grooming is incredibly important for your pets overall health and hygiene. Not only for them, but it will also help keep your home clean too!

There are several different aspects to grooming your furry friends at home and we’re here to help you out with those.

1. A quick fix to bath time

A healthy and clean coat shows! The most common reason for a bath is to remove odor and clean any dirt on the skin.

While cats do not need to be bathed that often, an occasional bath with a mild shampoo can prove to be beneficial and can help keep their coats in good condition.

Dogs, on the other hand, do need baths on a more regular basis than cats since they tend to accumulate dirt, loose hair, debris, and odor. Dogs only need to be bathed when necessary, which is when they have an unpleasant smell or have accumulated dirt.

Bathing your pet does tend to get a little difficult since all pets do not like bath time, which is where pet wipes come in handy! They can be used to clean dirt or wax that has accumulated while also helping get rid of the unpleasant odor.

2. Get yourself armed

Most pets don’t always enjoy bath time, making it a tedious and time consuming process for you too. Bath tools that serve as distractions make this process a whole lot easier and quicker!

3. Dry Shampoo For the Win

You know those days when your hair gets a little greasy but you just don’t have the time to wash it? Those are the days dry shampoo becomes your best friend and the same is true for your pets too! If you are running short on time and a bath is absolutely not necessary or feasible, arm yourself with pet-friendly dry shampoo that can make your life that much easier.

3. Cast Away the Smell

We all know that cleaning up after your cat is probably one of your least favorite chores. Cleaning the litter box is time-consuming and a little gross (not gonna lie). Here’s where pet wipes come in handy once more. They can help with odor and germs, leaving your cat’s litter box fresh and clean!

4. All things Coconutty

We’re a firm believer that coconut oil solves everything! The same goes for your pet’s paws. A quick dab of coconut oil on dry patches works like magic and will moisturize and soothe the area! Plus it tastes good too!

5. Away with the Knots

After your pet’s bath, we tend to spend a lot of time brushing out the tangles and knots caused by wet matted hair. An easier way to get past that is to brush your pupper’s fur before they get in the bath. This won’t only save you a lot of time and effort but it will definitely save you and your pupper a lot of misery.

Taking care of your pet is always going to be necessary but that doesn’t mean it can’t be quick. These hacks help with grooming your pet on the go so that you get that little bit more cuddle time! Let us know which of these hacks you’ve incorporated into your pet’s life!

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