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How to Travel With Pets? - Petsy

How to Travel With Pets?

Back in the day, travelling with pets meant nothing less than the impossible. But, over the years, as we’ve grown closer to our canine companions, leaving them behind on a vacation is, in fact, impossible. Right?

To travel, or not to travel? And if you’re travelling with them, then how to travel? What to take while travelling? What if my pet doesn’t like the journey? Amidst this cacophony, what if we told you that we have the perfect travel guide for you and your pet? 

Read along to know the how’s, when’s, and what’s, and why’s of travelling with pets!

Why travel with your pet? 

A simple reason? Because it’s absolutely fun!! There ain’t no boring vacay when your pet’s around! Travelling with pets has gained immense popularity over the past few years for  several reasons -

  • Cuts costs of boarding and pet sitting
  • Reduces your pet’s separation anxiety from you being away for many days 
  • Makes for memories to cherish for a lifetime
  • Allows your pet to explore new places 
  • Strengthens the bond between pet and family 

……we could go on, but, above all else, traveling with pets because you love them is the best reason you’ll ever find! 

A girl travelling with cat

When to travel with your pet? 

As silly as this question may seem, it is crucial to ensure your pet’s comfort.

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to leave early in the morning, simply because, it allows for more rest during and at the destination. Besides, it also adds to the extra hours of vacay fun!!

Furthermore, if you are traveling by car or train, leaving early in the morning helps to beat the heat. And, this is especially important since our pets are sitting in carriers. 

What to take while traveling with pets? 

Now that you’ve decided to take your furry family along, here’s a list of things to take with you on your journey. 


Carriers are an absolute treat to both parent and pet when it comes to traveling. They are sturdy, breathable, comfortable, and convenient. What more could you ask for? Carriers come in different sizes to hold pets of different weights - they range anywhere from a weight capacity of 6kgs to that of 30kgs. Yup, all you dog and cat parents reading this - pet carriers for the win!! 

Collapsible Bowls

Bringing along collapsible bowls are of utmost importance for when you are hiking, camping, or on long road trips. Collapsible bowls take up less space, are easy to clean, and hold the same amount of food as would a normal pet bowl. 

Travel Water Bottles 

Travel water bottles are crucial on trips where your pet is going to be walking, trekking, playing, swimming, and running. Travel water bottles allow for easy pouring and are convenient to store. Some travel water bottles come with cups that work as bowls for both food and water. 


There ain’t a day that goes by without treats, right!? Besides, treats are a way of helping your pet form a positive association with unfamiliar things or people on vacations. It helps the dog or cat seek familiarity and comfort in unfamiliar situations, quite like in hotels, parking lots, airports, train stations etc. 


Harnesses are crucial for pets who are always ready to explore! It gives pet parents a sense of control while allowing their fur babies to enjoy their vacation. For vacations, it is best to choose harnesses that are sturdy, colorful (to spot them easily), and easy to store. 


With a harness comes a leash, and the best travel leashes are those that are strong, long, and colorful!


It is always best to carry more than one collar while on vacation for when one gets dirty or wet. Remember to always have your pet’s collar on as in unknown places, identity is crucial. You may also choose to have personalized ID tags with your name and number on the back. 


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget this essential! While traveling, it is best to keep your pet’s food stored in airtight containers. Oftentimes, you might want to carry along wet food of the same brand for when your pet doesn’t feel like eating dry food or on days when it is way too hot! 


There might be times when you have to leave your pet in the hotel room or in the car for a little while. That’s when toys come in handy! For when you’re away, choose to leave out toys that are mentally stimulating and keep pets engaged for a long time, such as, puzzle toys and chew toys. For the vacay playtime, you can choose to bring rope toys, balls, discs, and plush toys!

Dry Shampoo

There might be no time for baths on vacations, but that doesn’t mean your pet has to stay stinky! Dry shampoos work wonders for pets that need a quick clean after play. 

Tick and Flea Spray 

Always remember to carry tick and flea spray while on vacation. In places where you are unsure of whether there might be ticks or fleas, it is best to spray your pet before leaving the hotel room. 

What to do before traveling with pets? 

  • Get your pet used to the carrier a week before your travel date
  • Pack your pet’s travel essentials before you begin packing yours 
  • Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Make sure your pet has a general health check-up before going on vacation 

Now that’s how you prepare for a vacation with your pet! That said, happy holidays!!

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