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Acana: Award-Winning Dog & Cat Food

Champion Petfoods is an award-winning pet food manufacturer with a trusted reputation spanning for more than 40 years. Champion Petfood manufactures premium pet food under two brands, Orijen and Acana.

3 important philosophies underpin Orijen and Acana petfood:

1. Biologically appropriate - a simple concept where the pet food mirrors the freshness and variety of meats that dogs and cats are evolved to eat.

2. Fresh Regional Ingredients - that mirror the natural diet, supplying nutrients in their freshest, most natural form.

3. Never Outsourced - the food is prepared in Champion Petfood’s own kitchen by its own cooks and ingredients.

What Does “Biologically Appropriate Food” Mean?

With reference to Information produced by Champion Petfoods, Acana and Orijen Foods are designed to mirror the diet your dog or cat would have if it were in the wild. Acana and Orijen Foods such as Acana small breed food and Orijen large breed puppy food are:

1. Rich in meat and proteins with smaller amounts of fresh whole vegetables and fruits.

2. Filled with fresh ingredients, mirroring the prey caught in the wild
contain an abundant variety of fresh meat such as ranch-raised red meat, free-run poultry, and cage-free eggs, sustainable whole fish.

3. In nature, there is no need for vitamin or mineral supplements, as wolves and wildcats derive their complete nutritional needs by consuming whole prey. Similarly, Orijen and Acana foods incorporate a balance of meat, organs, cartilage or bones in ratios that deliver nutrients naturally.

4. With fewer carbohydrates and more proteins as dogs and cats don't really have a biological requirement for carbohydrates.

Why is Biologically Appropriate food important?

Whilst years of breeding and domestication have produced various types and breeds of wolves and wildcats (our dogs’ and cat’s ancestors), the internal workings i.e. the digestive systems of dogs and cats remain largely the same as their wild cousins.

Keeping this in mind, Acana and Orijen foods such as acana adult dog food and acana large breed dog food are formulated to match the required protein contents for your pet to thrive.

Acana & Orijen: A wide variety of pet food

Shop on Petsy for a wide variety of Acana and Orijen pet food to match your pet’s health and nutritional requirements. There is a wide range of options right from Acana puppy food, Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food to Orijen senior food which is suitable for aging pets.