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Sample - Get Naked Dog Treats Joint Health (8g)

Sample - Whiskas Adult Tuna in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

Sample - Dentstix for Small Breeds (x3 sticks)

Sample - Whiskas Ocean Fish (Junior) 50g

Sample - Whiskas Ocean Fish (Adult) 50g

Sample - Get Naked Cat Treats Cat Health (8g)

Sample - Dentstix for Medium Breeds (x3 sticks)

Sample - IAMS Proactive Health Dog Food - Pug (100g)

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Arden Grange: Shop the Best Dog and Cat Foods

Arden Grange is a super premium pet food brand that offers both wet and dry food for cat and dog food. Arden Grange is known for producing not only super-premium quality and highly digestible pet food, but also extremely palatable ones that will be truly enjoyed by your pets. Food offered by the brand for cats and dog diets are hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn't include most allergens and is preserved naturally without any artificial preservatives or colours, and all their diets promote maximum health and endurance. All the Arden Grange recipes are taste-tested by pets in non-invasive trials so that they offer the assurance that the super-premium food will be enjoyed. The Arden Grange 12kg packs are a popular choice for pet parents who prefer this brand. Arden Grange food is available for different ages, sizes or breeds of cats and dogs for example Arden Grange puppy, Arden Grange adult, Arden Grange large breed, Arden Grange mini breed, Arden Grange kitten and much more.