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Sample - Dentstix for Small Breeds (x3 sticks)

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All Chipsi products are highly functional and animal friendly for pets
including hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. They are all absorbent, dust-free and made with natural ingredients. Chipsi bedding litter consists of wood, cellulose, hay, straw, maize, and hemp which are suitable for all small pets.
Chipsi Timothy hay is low in protein and calcium, contains essential minerals and vitamins making it well balanced and digestible for small pets. The timothy hay is good for sensitive or sick pets. Timothy helps prevent the pet's teeth from growing too long and has a healthy fibre content that helps the pets sustain healthy body weight.
Chipsi Sunshine meadow hay has a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals that help your pets stay fit and healthy. It serves as a healthy and balanced diet and is easily digestible.
Chipsi Classic is a litter for small animals. It has dust-free softwood chips that are derived from spruce and fir and is naturally absorbent. It has a pleasant smell and keeps the small animal’s crate clean and hygienic.