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Intas is a leading global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company and they majorly focus on the well-being of the animals, their health, performance and productivity. Instas pet products are thoroughly researched and made using ingredients that are pet-friendly, good quality, natural and harmless for pets.
Intas Dog products are specially formulated with calcium and phosphorus for dogs and cats. It helps in ensuring proper development of bones and teeth. Intas has palatable nutritional supplements for all types of breed and age groups.
Intas Wound Healing Spray is effective for all kinds of wounds, including Foot & Mouth disease (FMD) foot lesions, foot-rot, surgical wounds, dermatomycosis etc. The spray effectively stops the infection and prevents further re-infestation. Intas spray imparts stain to identify the treated animal/area of application and also ensures complete coverage of the wound with spray.
Petsy's online store has a range of Intas dog products available for your pet’s health and well being.