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Sample - Kennel Kitchen Wet Cat Food - Fish Chunks in Gravy (80g)

Sample - Gourmet Tender Duck Mousse

Sample - Gourmet Tender Turkey Mousse

Sample - Whiskas Ocean Fish (Adult) 50g

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Little BigPaw: Complete Foods and Treats for Dogs and Cat

Little Big Paw food products for cats and dogs are 100% natural, ultra-premium, high in meat content, delicious, highly nutritious with zero grain and only the best ingredients that make it super healthy for pets. Little Big Paw ingredients only include natural elements, and the food is balanced to provide maximum nutrition.Little Big Paw cat food and Little Big Paw dog food is formulated to fulfil the dietary requirements of every cat and dog to suit their unique personality, tastes, size, breed and sometimes health conditions, if any. Little Big Paw food ingredients are 100% natural and carefully sourced for the wet and dry food range.
Little Big Paw also has a wide range of oven-baked treats that are super delicious and suitable for all dogs. Petsy's online store has a wide range of Little Big Paw food products available for both dogs and cats.