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Restock on treats, toys, food and other pet essentials & SAVE BIG!
Restock on treats, toys, food and other pet essentials & SAVE BIG!



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Pet Head: For Pets Shampoo and Grooming Accessories

Pet Head provides all kinds of grooming products needed by cats and dogs. Pet Head has an amazing range of shampoo, conditioners and sprays to keep pups and kitties smelling and feeling clean and great. Pet Head products are packed with natural ingredients that nourish the dog's and cat's fur leaving it soft, shiny, strong, and obviously, smelling great.
Pet Head dog shampoo and cat shampoo are made with human-quality ingredients and unique, amazing scents - one of the key features that differentiates Pet Head from other brands.
Pet Head dog shampoo is a wholesome and eco-friendly formula and with balanced pH levels. It is suitable for all dogs and specially formulated for itchy or irritated skin. Tea tree oil, wheat protein, vitamins, and chamomile enhance the hair follicles, skin, and coat.
Pet Head cat shampoos are made with eco-friendly products that are suitable for all kitties. The water-based shampoo is a spray-on shampoo that cleanses the fur with pH balanced for cats and free of petroleum derivatives and DEA, which is harmless for the cat.
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