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Ruffwear accessories for dogs are high-quality, comfortable, durable and super easy to use when taking the pet for a walk or even hiking and other outdoor adventures. Ruffwear products like leashes, harnesses, and boots are available for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
Ruffwear harness is made with PVC-free waterproof fabric and is easy to fit making it comfortable for everyday use. It is padded at the chest and belly areas for extra support and comfort.
Ruffwear leashes are long-lasting, lightweight and durable with a traffic handle that offers quick restraint when you want to control your dog’s movements. Ruffwear raincoats are a popular pick among pet parents to protect their pet from the downpour during monsoons. The Ruffwear boots help protect the dogs' paws from abrasive surfaces, extreme cold or hot temperatures when going on walks or even outdoor adventures. The boot's outsole provides flexible traction while the durable weather-resistant ripstop blocks moisture and debris. They are designed to fit the dog's paw securely and comfortably.