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How to Dry a Cat?

How to Dry a Cat?

You probably know that your little kitty is going to be super mad at you for bathing them! Sometimes they will end up getting very fidgety after the bath too and it might be a little tough to dry them properly.

Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind while drying them without getting their fur tangled or causing a skin irritation.

  1. Have a towel ready, so that once you are done bathing them, you can immediately put them on it. If you think your cat will try to shake off the water, keep an extra towel ready. And there are chances your cat might try to scratch or claw the towel, so it’s advisable not to use a new one. 
  2. Place the cat on the towel slowly and wrap them up gently. You might want to keep in mind that, when you try to wrap them, there are chances that your cat is uncomfortable and starts clawing the towel. Try to work quickly because your kitty might get cold and begin to shiver. 
  3. Sit with your cat in your lap and try to calm them for a minute or two. During this time, your cat might start to feel cold, so make sure you do not sit directly under the fan, and that you have them wrapped nicely. If your towel is soaked, get another one to soak the access water. 
  4. Once your cat is calm and dry, keep them in a warm room to dry completely. If you have managed to remove all the excess moisture from your cat, this may be a quick process. 
  5. Avoid using any hair drying techniques on your itty, it might be harmful to their fur and get startled due to any loud sound. A hair dryer can dry out or irritate your kitty's skin. It may be a good idea to skip the hairdryer completely. The reason why professional groomers use special dryers for cats is because they don’t create sound and are completely safe for your cat.
  6. If you need to detangle their fur, you can use a comb that might work and not trouble your cat too much. If you have a short-haired cat, a fine-tooth comb or brush may work. To prevent pulling on longer hair, choose a wide-toothed comb. Keep a wide-toothed comb for detangling matted fur. Brush thoroughly to bath them.

Bathing your cat should be fun and exciting, and not filled with scratching, clawing or a lot of crying. Always keep in mind that you make sure you know what you are, and if you have a slight doubt about bathing and drying your cat, you can take help of a professional or take them to a pet salon.

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