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Is Your Dog’s Poop Healthy? - Petsy

Is Your Dog’s Poop Healthy?

Did you know that you can determine your dog's health by the texture, colour, size and contents of their poop? 

Having a good and balanced diet suited according to their age, size and breed will ensure a healthy dog. The food your dog digests will result in good health inside out, a healthy digestive system, fully energized and a longer happier life span. Their poop is an indicator of the food that you give your dog. 

Read on to learn about how you can analyse their poop and what does it say about your dog's health:

  • Colour: A healthy poop will have a brown colour. The shade will vary from light to dark depending on your dog’s diet. You can refer to the following to analyse your dog’s poop colour and what it may indicate:

    Poop color
  • Odour: The right dog poop can have a mild odour, although it will now not be too stinky. Foul-smelling poops imply that it might be the cause of a bad diet, indigestion, that produces an amount of sulphur to release.

  • Size: The dimensions of your dogs’ poop rely upon the size of the canine itself. The key element to look out for on the subject of poop size is any vast changes. Larger than regular poops may also imply that your pup’s food isn’t being digested as it should, and they are no longer getting the important vitamins out of it. On the other hand, smaller poops can be a sign of a lack of urge for food due to an infection or a blockage of their digestive procedure.
  • Texture: Starting from dry and hard poops to very runny dog poops, the texture is a great way to rule out constipation or diarrhoea for your pet. An appropriate poop is not too hard and not very runny either. You can refer to the following to analyse your dog’s poop texture:

    Poop texture

  • Contents: You will always locate little bits of non-digestible materials on your dog’s poop like fur and grass, etc and here’s what that means:
    • Grass: A small amount of grass in your dog’s poop is normal but excess indicators problems.
    • Foreign materials: It’s about time you step up your home proofing game!
    • Dogs are curious creatures who love to observe their nostrils and chew on everything. If you are aware foreign substances like plastic, socks, grass, rocks, and more on your dog’s poop, then do not forget doggie proofing your home to save you your canine from getting access to things they shouldn’t swallow.
    • Fur: Your dog’s poops will constantly comprise a small amount of fur as they may swallow unfastened hair while grooming themselves. However, in case you’re noticing big clumps of fur in your dog’s poop, this could be a signal that they’re over-grooming. This can happen in case your dog is itchy, bored, stressed or anxious, try engaging your pet in more activity.
    • Undigested meals: If you’re seeing portions of undigested food on your dog’s poop, there may be multiple reasons for it. Either your dog is gulping down food without swallowing it enough or it might be the time to change their diet.
    • Worms: It’s time to see your vet! 
  • Frequency: The times your dog poops every day must be regular – whether or not that’s once or four times a day. As long as it is equal every day, there’s no need to worry. However, the schedule may get disturbed once in a while and that should be fine.

Maximum dogs will pass a few times an afternoon – although some may work 4 or more instances.

It’s crucial to be aware of how many poops you’re scooping every day to recognize how your doggo is doing. If they move from being an everyday once-a-day-er to needing to head four or five times, they will be having some digestion troubles. You should visit the vet.

Believe it or not, your dog’s poop is super helpful in analysing their overall well being and it’s super important for every pet parent to do so.

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Siddhartha - October 31, 2022

Immensely informative !

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