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Let’s Pledge to Celebrate a Pet-Friendly Diwali - Petsy

Let’s Pledge to Celebrate a Pet-Friendly Diwali

Regardless of how dull or stressful our lives have been throughout the year, the festival of Diwali brightens our lives and houses with warmth and happiness. The love and cheer in the atmosphere around us let the sorrow and difficulties take a backseat. 

Diwali is also a celebration of togetherness and bonding but more often than not it triggers behavioral changes in pets and stray animals. These may include fear, anxiety, aggression, etc. Some hide, some bark while some even stop eating properly. Breeds with shorter snout have respiratory issues during this period and a lot of pets go missing and the pet parents aren’t able to track them down. 

As for the strays, they go into hiding and venture out only once the celebrations are over. Due to this, they lose the lookout for food and go hungry for days together. Also, a lot of them get injured due to crackers or come under moving vehicles due to the panic caused. 

Here are a few ways you can enjoy a pet-friendly Diwali

  1. Firecrackers are not for pets: While loud noise evokes anxiety among furry-kids, it also causes air pollution and leads to respiratory issues. Pledge to celebrate this Diwali without firecrackers and educate others against them too!

  2. Comfort your pet: Though giving them the liberty to react the way they naturally do is the best option, don't leave them alone because just the feeling of having you around might be enough to make them feel comfortable and safe. 

  3. Comfort food: a bowl of your pet’s favourite food will help reduce their stress and anxiety. Watch out for calories though! You don't want this leading to overfeeding and obesity. 

  4. Pets do not need sugar: Pets are already very sweet, so they don’t need any kind of festive sweeteners added to their appetite unless they are pet-friendly. 

  5. Never hurts to be kind: to not only your pet but other street animals too! Offer them food, clean water and shelter to rest during the festival. 

  6. Lavender mist: The lavender mist helps calm their anxiety and lets them rest peacefully.

  7. Toys and treats: Offer chew toys and treats to your pet to keep them occupied and distracted.

  8. Soothing music: Play soothing music to help them stay calm and distracted from the loud noise caused by the crackers.

Most importantly, make sure your pet is wearing a name tag on their collar to ensure safety in case they escape. It helps someone reach out to you and get them back home safely.

Let's celebrate with love, light, and pledge to make it a pet-friendly Diwali.

Team Petsy wishes you and your family a happy and safe Diwali!

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