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Where Should I Put My Cat’s Litter Box? - Petsy

Where Should I Put My Cat’s Litter Box?

While making sure that the litter box is far from the places where you eat or sleep, it's equally necessary to ensure that the location of the litter box is a quiet place, easily accessible and provides privacy to your cat.

Cat litter box

A few rules to follow while picking a place for the litter box are:

In a room: 

    Cats like to hang out in comfortable rooms and if your kitty does like a particular room, don't object and place the litter box there. However, make sure that you keep the doors of this room open for your kitty otherwise they may end up soiling some other place around the house.

    Near your toilet: 

      Your cat's toilet can be placed near yours. While doing so, please make sure that this space is private and quiet for your kitty. For example, if someone is showering, it might scare the kitty away and force her to do her business somewhere else.

      Away from food: 

        You wouldn't prefer the groceries being kept next to the toilet. Similarly, your cat may not appreciate your decision to keep the litter box near the food packs or bowls. Respect your cat's nature by keeping the litter box separated from the food.

        Avoid the stairs: 

          The accessibility of the litter box is of crucial importance. It's necessary to keep the location of the box such that they don't have to go up and down the stairs for a release as this may lead to litter box avoidance.

          Litter box furniture: 

            There are customized and specialized litter boxes designed to hide the box in such a way that it's accessible for the cat and also becomes a part of the furniture at home.

            No surprises please: 

              Don't move the cat litter box to a new place suddenly from the place where it was originally for a long period. Cats are very sensitive to sudden changes to their environment and they may not take the time to look for the box’s new location. If you need to relocate the box, make sure to move it gradually, a few inches each day, until the box reaches its new destination.

              At times it can be hard enough to find space for your own things, let alone the cat’s litter box but it’s important to get it right. The rule is to keep it accessible, quiet and private for your cat.

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