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Cat Bowls

Figuring out what to feed your cat can be tough enough, but what about how you serve food to your cat? Experts say they prefer cat bowls which are shallow and wide, as deeper bowls may result in discomfort for them. Also, where you place the cat bowl matters. Don’t place near the toilet or closer to bowls of other cats in the house, as this may irritate your little one. Needless to say, pick the one that your cat likes and clean it regularly to maintain her hygiene standards.

Serving bowls for cats

Cats’ preferences for how their food is served can be as diverse as their diet. While some may like bowls, others may prefer dishes. To make it easy for pet parents, Petsy’s online store has a variety of cat food bowls to suit every cat’s choice. Double-in-one bowls to serve food and water for cats, melamine cat bowls to avoid plastic bowls and many more.