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All you need to know about dog’s paw care

Foot care is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Your dog’s paws need to be cared for to protect their wellbeing. Their paws are not just for walking but the paw pads also provide extra cushioning to help protect their bones and joints, provide insulation against extreme weather conditions and aid walking on rough ground. Good paw care practice is regular moisturising to prevent dryness and cracking. An occasional paw massage relaxes your dog, promotes better circulation and if you notice unusual cuts or bruises on their paws, it’s necessary to use first aid to care for paws.

A pawsome range for healthy and smooth paws

Petsy stocks a range of natural and organic paw butters that are made with natural ingredients such shea butter, almond oil, lemongrass essential oil and lots of love! Hemp seed healing balm also works wonders to heal and cuts and bruises on your pet’s paws. Healthy paw care includes moisturising your dog’s paw pads and trimming their nails regularly. Their nails should barely be touching the ground when they walk and if the nails are clicking on the floor, it's time to use a nail trimmer.